The Tree of Life is the divine map of spiritual consciousness discussed in Kabbalah.

These 10 aspects of our inner self and levels of divine experience are called Sefirot.

Kabbalah has thousands of pages of spiritual wisdom discussing the Tree of Life.

The Tree of Life describes how we are spiritually developing to experience the infinite goodness at the source of reality. As we spiritually develop to deeper levels of giving and love, we ascend to higher levels of divine awareness.

The Tree of life is comprised of 3 columns. The right side corresponds with giving. The left side corresponds with receiving. The center is balance and oneness.

The 22 connecting lines between the Sefirot represent particular channels of spiritual energy. These correspond to the 22 Hebrew letters.

The 10 Sefirot correspond to aspects of our physical bodies, inner consciousness, and all reality.

Each of the Sefirot contains within itself all of the Sefirot.

The Tree of Life describes our spiritual progression to unconditional love and divine union.

The 10 Sefirot and one of many ways of describing them:

Keter            Divine Source
Chochma     Oneness
Bina             Unconditional Love
Chesed         Loving Kindness
Gevurah       Humility
Tiferet          Balance
Netzach        Eternity
Hod               Thankfulness
Yesod            Unity
Malchut       Central Point in the Heart