This picture is Psalm 67 by King David.

This song envisions the time of all people and nations coming together in harmony. It is a prayer for peace in the world.

The Tree of Life is a spiritual map of consciousness discussed in Kabbalah. It contains ten aspects of our inner self called Sefirot. We have a tradition to write this Psalm in the form of a menorah with seven branches corresponding to seven of the Sefirot. These Sefirot and one of many ways of describing them are:

Chesed          Loving Kindness
Gevurah       Humility
Tiferet          Harmony
Netzach        Eternity
Hod               Thankfulness
Yesod            Unity
Malchut        Central Point in the Heart

We have a beautiful tradition to pray this song for peace in the world, reciting it through the shape of the menorah, every evening at sunset and every morning at sunsrise.