This picture is about giving, receiving and oneness.

It depicts the two letters hey  ה  in the holy name of God  י-ה-ו-ה.

Kabbalah explains that the letters of the divine name represent aspects of our inner consciousness:

The upper  ה  represents our desire to give.
The lower  ה  represents our desire to receive.

Kabbalah explains that since our divine source is only giving and has no need or desire to receive, we experience our divine source to the extent that we desire to give.

Our lower  ה  ascending to our upper  ה  represents our spiritual awakening to pure giving and unconditional love. This inner transformation enables us to experience the infinite goodness that is the source of all reality. As we attain deeper levels of giving and love, we attain deeper levels of divine union.

The two letters  ה  of the divine name are depicted and the  י   and the  ו  are implied: the  ו  being the spiritual work of inner transformation, and the  י  as the infinite unconditional love at the root of our every moment.