This painting is inspired by a Kabbalah meditation on the days of the week.

Kabbalah explains that that our bodies are clothes of our souls. Our souls are also clothed in the garment of time. The holy Ari z”l brings a beautiful meditation expressing the days of the week clothing our spiritual essence:

“On day one (Sunday) meditate on the upper letter  ה  of the divine name  יהוה . On the second day (Monday) meditate on the letter  ו  of the name. On the third day (Tuesday) meditate on the last letter  ה  of the same name. Afterwards, on the last three days, meditate from below to above. On the fourth day (Wednesday) meditate on the last letter  ה  of the nameOn the fifth day (Thursday) meditate on the letter  ו  of the name. On the sixth day (Friday) meditate on the upper letter  ה  of name.”     — The Gate of Prophecy  Meditation #4

Kabbalah explains how the letters of the holy divine name   י-ה-ו-ה   represent levels of spiritual consciousness.

In this meditation, the letter  י  corresponds with Shabbat  שבת.
Sunday and Friday clothe the  י  of Shabbat and correspond to the upper  ה   of   י-ה-ו-ה .  
Monday and Thursday clothe the upper  ה  and correspond to the  ו.
Tuesday and Wednesday clothe the  ו  and correspond to the lower  ה.

The spiritual essence of Shabbat manifests in the first three days of the week. The next three days elevate to the spiritual essence of the coming Shabbat.

Kabbalah describes the four letters of the divine name in greater detail as ten Sefirot — the Tree of Life. A map of the Tree of life is in the center of the picture.

The 10 Sefirot and one of many ways of describing them:

Keter            Divine Source
Chochma     Oneness
Bina             Unconditional Love
Chesed         Loving Kindness                    [Sunday]
Gevurah      Humility                                 [Monday]
Tiferet          Balance                                   [Tuesday]
Netzach        Eternity                                [Wednesday]
Hod               Thankfulness                        [Thursday]
Yesod            Unity                                         [Friday]
Malchut       Central Point in the Heart   [Shabbat]

The spiritual energy of a particular Sefira shines each day.

In the circle surrounding the Tree of Life are Sefirot corresponding with the days of the week. The days also correspond spiritually with colors and sounds. Next to each day is the divine name with the sound notation corresponding to that day and state of spiritual consciousness. We do not pronounce these holy names. They are used in meditation.

Under the  י  corresponding to Shabbat is   אין סוף  INFINITE.  Shabbat corresponds with experiencing God’s infinite goodness. Next to the other letters of the divine name are corresponding aspects of:     מחשבה דיבור מעשה     ACTION  SPEECH  THOUGHT

Kabbalah discusses the spiritual elevation of our actions, speech and thoughts to giving and unconditional love.

This meditation is one of many intensely beautiful meditations described in the Ari z”l’Sha’ar Ruach HaKodesh, The Gate of Prophecy.