Devarim 4:35

This verse from the Torah is a powerful meditation to remind ourselves of God’s presence in every situation.

Kabbalah discusses the deep meaning of this verse. One meaning is realizing that nothing in life is a coincidence and that everything happens for a divine reason.

Kabbalah explains that God created the world to give infinite goodness and pleasure to all creation. We are spiritually developing to be ready for this goodness.

We are developing to a state of pure giving and unconditional love. In this exalted spiritual state we experience the divine goodness that is the source of all reality. We see how all the events of our lives, even the most difficult and painful ones, are hidden blessings helping our souls develop in the ultimate way.

Realizing that eternal goodness is the source of everything we go through is, of course, so difficult. Kabbalah discusses the way of developing this higher awareness.

Ein Ode Milvado is one of the most powerful meditations we can use throughout our lives.