This picture is the open hand of giving. The eye represents looking at the good in everything.

As the divine source of reality is giving, the more we are giving, the more we are in divine union.

Within the hand and below is written:

רצון לקבל בעל מנת להשפיע   DESIRE TO RECEIVE IN ORDER TO GIVE

Kabbalah discusses our progression to an exalted spiritual state where even our receiving is in order to give.

On top of the hand is:  אהבה  LOVE  and  שלום  PEACE.

The Hebrew letter  ה   surrounding the word  שלום  represents the divine presence. We experience the divine presence when we are giving.

At the top right and left are the first and last letters of these words from Psalms:

 פותח את ידך   OPEN YOUR HAND

These two divine names correspond with spiritual awareness and are used in meditations.

In each corner is the Hebrew letter  ח . This letter corresponds to transcendence and miracles — transcending self-interest to purely give with unconditional love.

At the left and right are שסה and רמח:

Every Hebrew letter is also a number. The numerical equivalents of these two divine names are 365 and 248. Together this comes to 613 and reflects the 613 spiritual practices of the Torah called mitzvot. 365 mitzvot focus on developing our ability to overcome receiving in a way that is only self-serving. 248 mitzvot focus on developing our elevated consciousness of pure giving and unconditional love.

Kabbalah explains that we are all in the process of spiritually developing to become able to experience eternal divine goodness. The more we are giving and thankful, the more we experience the goodness.