Every word in this picture is  אהבה  LOVE.

This art is inspired by a traditional form of Kabbalah art called Shiviti.

A Shiviti has the four letters of the holy name of God  י – ה – ו – ה  in large letters near the top of the picture. The rest of the picture is composed of other divine names, holy verses, and prayers.

The four letters of the word   אהבה  LOVE  are very similar to the four letters of  י-ה-ו-ה .  The two letters  ה  are the same in both. The letter  י  represents a single point, like  א  that is the number one. The letter  ו and the letter  ב  have similar sounds.

This Shiviti is composed entirely of  אהבהIt is a meditation on the divine unconditional love that is the source of our every moment.